I’m not sure if any of my friends have been going through this, but certain events in my life lately have brought my mind here so many times. I’ve been thinking this a lot.

What is your cost? 

I’ve been a little wounded lately – heart broken about the things I see and know in my heart are real and terrible things, that my people I love don’t see. I’m not writing to rant but I think with the hope someone sees this and has a thought they haven’t had before.

Social media can be good. Its fun to put your thoughts or your photos out there and see how people will respond. Or if you have a following, it can be a platform to show people who Jesus is.

But at what point is there a cost?

Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat – and even Facebook. I can name right now on every one of those social media apps where I’ve seen ads for porn, or nude photos, or people trying to get me to send inappropriate things to them. As a girl, it’s not always tempting, sometimes its just creepy or frustrating. And I have more people blocked than I can count.

I can only imagine that as a guy, if you are spending a lot of time on Snapchat meeting people, or a lot of time on Instagram, browsing the popular page – it must start to cost you.

For girls, typically the cost for us is our self esteem, our view on other women, and our confidence. In our weakness, we give away something sacred for a moment of desire.

For guys, the cost I see is the fight for purity of mind, and the ability to be accountable.

I’m not going into detail on either account of women vs men, but I’ve felt heart broken at how I’ve been affected by the cost of mind and purity through social media. Even though there won’t be any details on this post, I’ve seen the cost and I’ve felt the pain of it in my life.

I feel like we just keep giving ground away that’s ours to stand on. Where do you draw the line at the cost of your life?

For me, rated R movies are not in my planner. If you can watch a movie with graphic sex scenes and nudity, and you bought the ticket, you paid for porn. Some people find that really extreme and I can understand that it might sound that way, but when I think back to what was in PG-13 movies when I was growing up, vs whats in PG-13 movies now….. I cringe for what my kids will see.

For me, Snapchat isn’t on my phone. I’ve felt so much pain in my life through Snapchat without ever even having one . Because it affects the mind of a guy. Girls too, but my heart is broken for the guys in my life and my friends who can’t let go of something that becomes detrimental to them.

If you can’t see where it costs you, ask the Lord to show you. I’ve been doing that a lot lately. It’s hard but it’s freeing.

It honors me and I’m genuinely impressed when I see guys (or girls) that choose not to have Snapchat, or some other app on their phone, for the reason of it being harmful to them.

I’m not trying to drop conviction on here for anyone , I just have all theses thoughts today and am just feeling so broken for what those things have taken from my own life. This blog isn’t well written and probably not moving but it’s honest and hopefully a bit thought-provoking.


I am praying for a rebellion against the subtle theft of the devil. He will take things from you that you never meant to give up if you don’t fight for your mind; your life.