Praise God!! Today has been an amazing day! The Lord has heard my cry, answered my prayers for deliverance and begun a great work in my heart! I have a long way to go, I’m only just beginning this healing, but in my spirit I feel The Great Physician moving through my heart, repairing damage done and restoring me! I’m just in awe of how quickly Jesus scooped me and and wrapped his arms around me once again, lifting my burden from me and giving me a peace in my heart that words can’t describe….thank you Jesus! You show me the love of a savior when I least deserve it! I’m humbled tonight…my God is so in love with me and he just waits for me to run to him…I can’t even get my thoughts out, I’m just overwhelmed with the love I feel radiating through me! Today I got to talk with college students who have been evangelizing all summer on the beach and I was so excited for them and the work they get to do! It’s been a great day and I am so thankful for what the Lord has begun in me….I’m in love with you Jesus. You changed me and I’ll never be the same!!